Assignments of EE301 Digital Signal Processing

Assignment 5 posted, Due on Apr. 6 - 2014.

Assignment 4 posted, Due on Apr. 3 - 2014.

Assignment 3 posted, Due on Mar. 28 - 2014.

Assignment 2 posted, Due on Feb. 15 - 2014.

Assignment 1 posted, Due on Feb. 8 - 2014.

You have reached the page to submit your Assignments and Project materials for evaluation.

Instructions to submit Assignments:

You can send your assignment, matlab code, and plots to the following mail id: moc.liamg|| Please note that your assignment solutions, matlab code and plots have to be integrated into a single pdf file. The handwritten portion of your assignment can be scanned prior to integrating into a single pdf file. You can use a full version of Adobe Acrobat to do this. Micrsoft office documents are also allowed to be submitted. For the Project code submission part, all the code can be zipped and a corresponding zip (ZIP/RAR/TAR) file can be send. Each Assignment will have to be send separately. The submission will be done using the following menu below.
File Naming Conventions for Assignment submission

<Your roll no>_<Assignment number>_<date submitted>.<pdf/doc/ppt/pptx>

In case you feel you want to send an already submitted assignment indicate the version on the new document as follows

<Your roll no>_<Assignment number>_<date submitted>_<ver number>.<pdf/doc/ppt/pptx>

The TA will take a look at the final version and evaluate the assignment.

File Naming Conventions for Project submission

<Your Batch no>_<Project acronym>_<date sumitted>.<pdf/doc/ppt/pptx/ZIP/RAR/TAR>
For newer or corrected versions of project material submission the convention is as follows
<Your Batch no>_<Project acronym>_<date submitted>_<ver number>.<pdf/doc/ppt/pptx/ZIP/RAR/TAR>
The Instructor will take a look at the final version and evaluate the project.

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