EE 301 : Digital Signal Processing

Instructor : Dr R Hegde Dept of EE IIT Kanpur

Announcements for the current edition of DSP (For history see Announcements Link)

Quiz 3 will held on 05-jul-2019 : DFT, FFT
Quiz 4 will held on 10-jul-2019 : Z-transform, discrete structures filters
End sem will held on 15-jul-2019, timing 4:00pm to 7:00pm : complete portion
Assignment 4 and 5 submission deadline extended till 07-jul-2019

Assignment 4, Assignment 5 posted, Due on 05-Jul-2019.

Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3 posted, Due on 15-Jun-2019.

Welcome to the Summer 2019 edition of DSP.

Welcome to the course web page of EE 301 (DSP) @ IIT Kanpur

This course will deal with Digital Signal Processing from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. It will include basics of discrete time signal processing, Fourier transform, Z- transform, Digital filter design, and basics of spectral analysis of signals. We will also discuss some application areas of DSP that are closely linked to these topics as we move along with the course. The course will have a balanced focus on math formulations and practice. An involved mathematical discussion on the individual concepts will also be taken as and when required. It will involve a Project/Term paper implementation and presentation to allow for more space to assimilate the concepts along with the math. The course and the evaluation criterion is designed such that a consistent student association is required with the course plan for the student to secure better letter grades. Oppenheim, Schafer, and Buck's classic DSP book will be used as a text book along with another classic DSP book by Proakis as a companion text book. Ingle and Proakis DSP with matlab will be the reference for all the assignments to be submitted at regular intervals during the course.

Text Books

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Reference Book

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